Hello,I am Ora,a 21 year old  young man.

You don't know how hard my life is.Since birth I have not been able to communicate,talk,or live like you guys. I'm different.I'm a man who just wants to be normal. I am a man who was born with Autism.I am clever,funny and sad.  

I feel so lost sometimes, I have great family but I see what I don't have.  I want to live a normal life.

im using proloquo2go to facilitate my talking but it's slow and hard.  My speech therapists come weekly but I'm learning to type with other people, they need help to learn how to facilitate.  My family say that you want to hear from me, that I may be able to help you with how to talk.

I say you have to try anything to be heard. I work really hard not to hurt but sometimes it's my only voice.  I can use symbols but i need help lots  to be heard.

I am fortunate to have lots of people in my life who do care.  I have my gma gpa, Nicole and Angelina my speech therapists And Leeann at day services.

I'm angry today as find it so hard at times, my great friends must not be happy so bad today but that's me.  Hope tomorrow better. I cAn try harder.  I need to try for them.

Angelina is bossy but she says I need to try setting goals with my typing she's right but its not easy. I want to be able to do it myself not need help but truth is I can't.  

Hi Nicole great to have you here to blog. [great to be back] I might not be lost now with the followers I might bve able to help.  Phaedra I hope you find my blog helpful.You can help your boy in many ways.Start right now with communication and he will thrive in life.Being able to communicate is having a life.It opens up so much freedom.I hope your boy has fantastic help from fantastic guys like speech therapists. They open up dreams.I hope to love.I hope to find my happy life ever after.have had hard roads.I hAve been helping my guys learn the justice unfolding in my mind.Its looking for hope in my great mind understanding life might just kill me.Thanks for opening up my great pointless world and giving me something to live for. I love gma and gpa unconditionally.

Deana,thanks for commenting. I hope your'e like Nicole...saying you want to help.Nicole is my speech therapist my world.Got so much respect for her.Saying you want to help is a huge start.I began my journey some time ago.Ive come so far.I began with no words,now i have the freedom for communication.i use an iPad with Facillited [facilitated] communication.i would recommend typing with the friends. They have so much to say but no access. Help them by supporting their finger on a keyboard. They won't handle ok.Helping then type can open their world.Get then talking. Ask an easy question you know the answer to. They cAn direct you to the letters.

Happy you asked call me a guru.She can tell me how you go.I would love to hear

 Thanks everyone for messages they really help me to keep going. I think a social group would be a great idea.  Will need my bossy therapist to set it up. She's great really.

happy Easter all.

Hi all, I've been busy lately at work and a big trip to see mum and Rio[Bro] i wish they lived closer,i miss them. lots going on for me i have reached out for help though and feeling hopeful. my G ma visited work today.we had a cake and hot chocolate,yummy. I've had more surgery on my ear just last week,op went well but was long, i have recovered well.

have a great week all.

Hi guys,had a bad start pleased to be home.I had a followup appointment this week we found a cystic inright ear canal that got removed.i am recovering well though and getting meds to help pain. Yesterday was quite good though. Really hope to have just real followers on here that care for me. I ask for your happy thoughts.

Hi everyone,happy today.I'm here with Nicole .How are you all ? I'm great.My right ear is feeling much better.Its lovely to have follows.How does everyone find my posts? I want to make my name known.I want more love. What haven't been maybe my future. Its hard for me to tell my story to others.How do I begin.

Hey followers. happy to be home today its a lovely fine day.i'm with Angelina today the boss she's lovely really and does lots to help me! Not much to report i'm having a good exciting day. G ma and G pa going on holiday..it's going to be good for them but i'll miss them a lot.I can email then though.Have yourselves a good day..Ora

Hi all,well i'm 22 now.It's a great day here,the sun is out life is good.I'm practising words to type myself,it's hard but i'm trying.Happy Sunday, Ora

Great over here.Just busy with work and talking with my friends.I have sentence starters on my talk-pad now ,they help me make friends.Starting to learn please supportme.I'm also trying typing alone,it's really hard but i'm trying to practise.Going to keep at it .

I'm at home again today,lovely day here.I'm happy and lots to say.Were in a new building at work. It's great,the kitchenis so nice. I love to bake,brownie and cookies my favourite.I will try woodwork soon,it'll be hard but lots to make.The family have me a list. Typing is getting easier, ok you must be bored must go..Ora

Hi Guys, how are you all.I've been busy at work and had my personal plan.Lots of goals for me.OK so I want some advice older lady likes me,I sort of like her,Please is this OKThanks

I,m out for a drive.Ora

Hi folks it's nearly Christmas time and I'm off on holiday Friday to go to the Mount.It's a great spot..I went to Grease the other day,was so much fun.I love the music.I better try another show soon.OK have a great Christmas..love Ora

Hi all,i,m back at Day Service.Going well,fighting the heat. It's nice talking to others there.I have made friends.How is everyone?

Love Ora

Hi all,How is everyone?I'm going to Mary Poppins next week with Liv [Lee Anne from work daughter].It will be fun.Really like concerts and live shows. I would love to know what ones everyone has been to? Thanks for staying with me,I'm grateful for your comments. Ora

Hi friendsI'm down at the mo,just tal;king to Angelina about its hard but using words helps so much.I used to hurt myself and others but now i try to talk.I'm so much better at it . I think I'm going to go out for brownie with friends,  it'll be nice.Hope everyone is well..love Ora.

Hi all,its Autism awareness month.That makes me happy, glad we are bringing awareness to add knowledge and understanding to autism.I want to share a story.It started with my awesome speech therapists Nicole and Angelina. They have allowed me to communicate with the world.I have become a changed man.I have much to say.I used to have meltdowns and hurt myself and others.Now I can use my Talkpad to express myself. Its an amazing feeling to be free from my body. I have so much gratitude to them both. If I can offer any advice its to get a Nicole and Angelina in your life.I say please and Nicole says how high.Thats the wrong saying isn't it? Autism is like that.I sometimes don't get the ideas .But I always try to fit in.Im happy to be heard.Thanks Ora

hi all,been awhile. i am going good . i had my birthday last week and went to wellington with gpop and gma. i had a hard time but learning to make the most of situations it gets hard when i can't tell anyone i'm really sugar low.

Its been a long time,went to the lawyers today and made my will. it was hard but good .Nicole helped me speak and answer questions. bye now.